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J. David Core

J. David Core

One of the best parts about blogging is getting to meet other writers, bloggers and reviewers. One fellow blogger (and writer and reviewer) who is new to me is J. David Core. He is the author of Extreme Unction, a mystery set in Pittsburgh, and the scifi novel Synthetic Blood and Tears. His many writing credits include pieces for Pitt News and Smile Magazine, the Buzz On series of informational Books and the Western online anthology. He blogs about his thoughts on writing, and reviews of writing tools/apps and books over at The Lupa Schwartz Mysteries Blog, which is how I met him. He very kindly agreed to review The Natural Victim for me and post his thoughts all over web. So head on over and say hi!

And now a little self-aggrandizement: Here’s an excerpt from his review of The Natural Victim. 🙂

By the final chapter, Reynard has crafted a classic mystery denouement with all of the suspects assembled and all of the evidence and facts laid out in a buffet of reason and order. Among the pluses: the chapters are short and the technology is described in an accessible way. For the minuses: the characters could be more fully drawn in a longer version of the story, and the unique world which is Ohio State might have been better colored-in; but for the reader looking simply for the plot-is-king Dragnet version, The Natural Victim has a satisfying arc that builds suspense by revealing clues and shining a light on the process of the obsessive not-quite-a-genius.



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  1. Oh, lovely! A new blog to explore. Thanks, Peter 🙂


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