The Natural Victim Blurb Attempt 1

You know what’s harder than writing 30,000 words? Condensing those 30,000 words into approximately 500 words that entice the “drive-by” reader without giving the plot away. Here’s attempt no. 1. I’m not quite happy with it but it is closer to what I want the blurb to be than when I first started writing it. So that’s a plus.

The computer always keeps watch and it never lies.  So when the computer says that Eric Wanbois’ ID, and only Eric Wanbois’ ID, was used to enter a locked room one night, the same night and the same locked room in which a grad student is found brutally murdered, I and, more importantly, the police are sure they have their man. Even Eric’s lawyer accepts his client’s guilt. But Eric insists he is innocent, and Dieter Fox –  fellow grad student and voracious reader of detective fiction – believes him. And as luck would have it, I’m Dieter’s roommate; his Dr. Watson and Capt. Hastings, all rolled into one. To solve the case, Dieter (and I) must figure out how Eric’s ID was used three times that night though Eric claims he used it only once. And who is the mysterious stranger seen inside the room hours before the murder? As Dieter and I start to dig deeper we discover that there is no shortage of people who hated the victim, including the victim’s lab mates and his ex. But who among them hated the victim enough to kill him? And why?


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  1. Peter – I like this blurb quite a lot. I’m intrigued by the mystery and I like academic settings. And a crime fiction buff as the sleuth is clever. I’m looking forward to reading the final strory.

  2. Thanks Margot. I’ve to admit that I never thought editing would be such a pain. Hopefully it will be done one of these days.


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