Woohoo, I have a title!

Writing this book has been very different from my previous attempts. Every other time, I started with a great title, a character name, and kinda meandered to a stop. This time I didn’t stop but I also didn’t have a title, or character names for my main peeps.  Well, I can now cross one of those of my to-do list. I now have a title for my book and it is… *drum roll* please…

The Natural Victim

Now to find a name for my sleuth. Can I name him Sleuth? Dick Sleuth? No? Ok, back to the drawing board.


6 responses »

  1. Maybe you work better going from story idea to names? Perhaps having all the details nailed down limits you somehow.

    As for a sleuth name…how about The Natural Sleuth”? 😛

  2. Margot Kinberg

    I love that title! I’m so happy this is taking shape for you.

  3. How about naming him/her…. The Natural 🙂


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