G is for Eric Garcia

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G is for Eric Garcia

I’ve to admit I’d never heard of Eric Garcia before today but I was browsing the mystery section at my local public library when his book “Anonymous Rex” caught my eye. The blurb from EW at the back of the book begins with the following…
“A detective thriller featuring a velociraptor PI and a secret society of dinosaurs disguised as humans?”

I was intrigued enough to check it out though I had my doubts especially when one of the phrases used to describe the book is “Awesomely Funny.” I like my mysteries classic British style. I occasionally wander into detective noir territory but detective noir + dinosaurs?  Well, 10 hours later I can say that Mr. Garcia has pulled off quite a book. It doesn’t keep you thinking about who the killer is or how that particular clue fits into the picture, but it does keep you reading and, occasionally wonder whether you ever thought you would read a fight sequence between two dinosaurs disguised as humans. Add some wit and humor to the fast paced, noir-style writing, (including gems like “Ankylosaurs are the used car salesmen of the dinosaur world”) and you end up with an eminently readable book.

Eric Garcia is also the author of Matchstick Men made into a movie by Ridley Scott and the screenwriter (with Garrett Lerner) of the 2010 film Repo Men. Learn more about Eric Garcia on his Wikipedia page.


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  1. Margot Kinberg

    Peter – I’m already intrigued just from your description! What an interesting choice for G! And I didn’t know he’d co-written Rep Man. Yes definitely this one’s got my attention!

    • Thanks Margot. I particularly liked how he works into the story, the details of how dinosaurs manage to live in secret. And, at least to me, it felt like he was introducing these details at just the right times.

  2. A dinosaur book! It must be funny. Never figured a dinosaur could solve crimes.

    • PeterReynard

      Clarissa, it definitely is funny. Apparently, dinosaurs didn’t go extinct as much as evolved and chose to live among humans. This was good for us humans because the other option the dinos had was to wipe us out. They are just as intelligent as humans but with better noses. 🙂

  3. I read the first book in the series (and maybe the 2nd one), and enjoyed it tremendously. (And I don’t usually go in for humor in my mysteries.) It is hard to believe that he can portray dinosaurs disguised as humans convincingly, but he does. Did not know that he had written further books. Good choice.

    • Tracy, I’m the same way. Not a fan of humor in my mysteries but I was very pleasantly surprised by how well Garcia writes. And you are spot on. He portrayed dinos as humans very convincingly.

  4. What an intriguing plot! Will have to look for this one. Hope my library has it!


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