Researching your murder mystery in the age of Big Brother

I was researching poisons, symptoms and other totally unwholesome miscellanea yesterday as part of the novel I’m writing and I thought to myself, “If the police ever take my laptop and go through my browsing history, I’ll have some explaining to do.” Of course, this is the stuff of novels and TV shows but with bills like SOPA and CISPA, and the FBI asking for backdoors to all websites to track you at their leisure, it is not far out to expect some computer to flag your research as suspicious, particularly if you are researching explosives or terrorists. If you are an established author, you can use your novels as proof of innocence. If you are an aspiring author, what do you do? I guess you could point to your unfinished novel. Me? I gave special instructions to my wife not to get herself poisoned. And that’s your paranoia post for the month. 🙂

Day 19

I hit 20,000 words a day ahead of schedule. I like the flexibility of having an extra day just because I’m going to be traveling in the next 3 weeks. Also, at 20,000 words, I think I’m getting over the fear that I don’t have enough material for the novel. Even if I just wrap everything up at this point, I should easily have another 10,000 words, probably 15,000. I have at least one character (maybe two) whose actions I have to spotlight, so all in all I think I’m good.

Time: 9:10p-10:40p.

Word Count: 1200 (20084).




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