Day 8

One week is over! Only 7 more to go before I have the first draft complete. One thing I learned from my week of writing is the importance of crafting a conversation between two or more people. I found yesterday that my novel was progressing far too rapidly for only being 7000 words in. That’s not always a bad thing but if I kept going at that pace, I would have a novella or I would have to invent a few more twists and turns, or introduce a second parallel story to keep the words flowing. As luck would have it, I was (re)reading an Agatha Christie today (Murder in the Mews if anyone is interested) and I started to pay attention to what she was doing. Even though the book in question is a collection of shorter stories with the first one probably being a Novella, I found that conversations took up a lot of words. Looking back at my writing, I realized I was progressing the story using the narrative rather than having it progress through the actual conversation. So, today, I went back and redid a piece where the protagonist says “Yeah I didn’t get very much out of her” into an actual conversation which both progresses the story and makes the point about how they learned nothing new.

I think soon I need to sit down with an Agatha Christie novel and dissect it to see how she carves up the 50,000 plus words into the introduction, the denouement and everything in between.

Time: 9:05-10:05

Word Count: 1214 (8396)


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